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Level Three

Module 1 Level Three
Unit 1 A. Introduction
Unit 2 B. Catch Phrases by Ray
Unit 3 C. Various Articles
Unit 4 D. Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI)
Unit 5 E. Using Your Policy
Unit 6 F. Using Policy for Business Loan
Unit 7 G. 50 year old Car Example
Unit 8 H. 25 year old Car Example
Unit 9 I. Education Example
Unit 10 J. Commercial Property Example
Unit 11 L. Maximize Your Money Through Multiple Policies
Unit 12 M. Recapture or Create a Mortgage
Unit 13 N. Live Presentation
Unit 14 O. Laddering Policies
Unit 15 P. Your Practice: Tax Forms; Application Checklist; & Policy Checklist
Unit 16 Q. Creating A Family Finance Company
Unit 17 R. PFF vs Roth IRA
Unit 18 S. TSA vs PFF
Unit 19 T. Interest Went to Policy Owner
Unit 20 U. Key Employee Compensation Plans
Unit 21 V. Tax Training IBC by a CPA
Unit 22 W. Dr. MD Example
Unit 23 X. 401K PFF Loan Example & Using Home Equity to Fund a Policy
Unit 24 Y. Charitable Giving Examples

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